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Florida law allows you to seal or expunge a criminal arrest record. If your case has been dismissed, dropped, or no-billed (no information or not filed on) it is eligible to be expunged. If your case resulted in a withhold of adjudication you may be eligible to have it sealed. There are several other factors to determine eligibility that we can discuss when you are ready.

What type of record expungement do you need?

How many times were you arrested?

You need to remember how many times you have been arrested (or given a notice to appear in court) for a criminal offense. We need to know the dispositions (how the case was resolved by the court) for all of your cases. If you do not know this information we can do a pre-screening background check for you.

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First, determine what type of record expungement (sealing) you really want.

Do you qualify for an Expungement or Sealing?

1. How many times in your entire life (from the time you were born) have you been arrested?

2. Have any of those arrests resulted in the Court adjudicating you guilty or delinquent?

3. Have you ever sealed or expunged a prior arrest record in the State of Florida before today?

Were you ever convicted?

Question 2 is very important. A conviction (when the court adjudicates you guilty or delinquent) in any criminal case (including from other states) will make you ineligible to seal or expunge a criminal record. It does not matter that the record you want sealed or expunged was not a conviction - any conviction will disqualify you.

You can be found guilty AND NOT CONVICTED in Florida

This can be confusing. In Florida you can be found guilty BUT NOT CONVICTED. This means that you may still qualify even if you were found guilty or pled no contest to a criminal charge.


Finding out if you have been convicted

Most Clerks' websites have a search function for criminal records.


Juvenile records

If you are unsure of your juvenile records you must contact the clerk and find out what the outcome of those cases were. We do not have access to your juvenile records and they are not maintained online by the Clerks.


If you were found guilty and had the adjudication withheld

If the case you want to try to clear resulted in a withholding of the adjudication of guilt you need to make sure it does not involve a charge that is prohibited from being sealed.

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